Finally on tour

WeĀ are about to release ourĀ new EP „Together We Are Strong“ of which two singles („Together We Are Stong“ and „No Turning Back“Ā <- click title for link) were already released.

The first part of our TWAS tour is over and we are very close to hitting part two!

And here are the dates for our eastern europe tour!

3.3Ā EsztergomĀ KulacsĀ Udeground
4.3Ā Å½ilinaĀ Bullwar
5.3Ā BratislavaĀ Fuga
6.3Ā KolĆ­nĀ BarĀ podĀ hodinama
7.3Ā PrahaĀ (A)VOIDĀ FloatingĀ Gallery
8.3Ā ÄŒeskĆ©Ā BudějoviceĀ MCĀ Fabrika
9.3Ā PlzenĀ PekelnĆ”Ā BrĆ”na
10.3Ā OstravaĀ klubĀ Gora
11.3Ā LiptovskĆ½Ā MikulĆ”Å”Ā Kolotočov

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This is our first time playing in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia! We are extremely excited and we hope to meet as many of you beautiful people on the road as possible!
Hanging out and partying with you guys is going to be insane!

Together We Are Strong!