R.I.P. Chester Bennington – This interview is an important reminder…

😢This interview should be a reminder!😢

We were shocked and sad to hear that Chester Bennington ended his life yesterday. 😢 He was one of the biggest singers in the modern Metal genre and Linkin Park were ground-breaking within Nu Metal and remained an inspiration to thousands ever since.

This interview of Chester published by Goalcast should be a powerful reminder to everyone around people suffering from depression. Be aware of signs that indicate that your friend or family member is fighting his inner demons! Educate yourself and offer a friendly ear and a helping hand. To everyone affected: Get Help! Don’t be embarrassed to talk about your feelings with your friends and family (or professionals), no hole is to deep or dark to fight your way out! And life is far to beautiful and precious to give up on yourself!

He is talking about how it feels to suffer from depression and that no one is immune to bad choices and dark feelings. He found out that most of his suffering was self inflicted and he continues with an important message:

„[…] but each one of us is just as relevant as the next. You don’t have to know somebody to have an intimate experience with them, and also you don’t have to know somebody to feel save enough to talk to them. Any group of people can get together and just be like, […] „let’s get real and just be vulnerable, say whatever’s going on and be accepted, walk out of the room and feel great!“

So speak up and let someone help you!

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Video by Goalcast
Title-Photo „Chester Bennington of Linkin‘ Park“ by Habib Obi and licensed under CC BY 2.0