A message for peace!

Dear chesties and chesters!

First of all we want to say : Thank you Klagenfurt, it was the bomb! Special thanks to Cutting The Ties for having us and our Dudes from Horizon Of The Statue and Kill Robot Kill for banging the heads with us, Dominik and the Jugendforum Mozarthof1 team for the support and help! And thanks to all of our chesters and chesties heading to the location to party with us!

But unfortunately there is also a more serious note we have to strike: In the night before our gig a group of terrorists attacked a rock concert, clubs and bars in Paris and killed over 120 people. We were shocked and struck by these horrible events BUT more so by what we read on the internet immediately after the attacks and saw on the news the day after. AND THIS IS SOMETHING WE WON’T STAY QUIET ABOUT! This is our statement the concert we played one day after the events (READ THE STATEMENT BELOW):

Whole statement:

„Well folks, now to something less pleasant! During yesterday’s rehearsal we had to read that
in Paris over 100 people had been brutally murdered at a concert just like this one that we are at tonight,
in cafés and at parties and as early as today’s morning I can hear things like
‚we have to stick together and fight back‘ on the news and, already in the same night, read s**t like
‚it’s our own fault, we let them in our country‘ on Facebook and this is something I CANNOT keep silent about!

Firstly, violence CANNOT be the answer to the events of last night because it was military violence that made way
for such radical organizations in the first place and secondly, are the people who come to our countries
fleeing from THE SAME brutal individuals that commit such a horrible crime! TOGETHER we should advocate for values like
tolerance,  altruism and empathy and NOT for more distrust and violence! And in solidarity with all those coming to us
fleeing from terror as well as all those who died in yesterday’s events and their relatives and families we would like to hold a minutes silence!

And afterwards we are going to play a song that hopefully all of you know, it’s called ‚Together We Are Strong‘ and this is also our main message! ‚Terrorism has no religion‘ and ‚refugees welcome‘! We should advocate for tolerance and for peace! And this only works TOGETHER! Thank you.“

Together We Are Strong!
Aaron & ITC
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