In This Chest | TWAStour 2017 | Hungary | Thank You


The third part of our „Together We Are Strong Tour“ 2017 led us to Esztergom and Budapest and we have to thank you guys!

We had a wonderful time in Esztergom and Budapest and we wanna say a BIG MASSIVE ❤ THANK YOU ❤ to all people and bands involved – it was a pleasure to meet you on and off stage!
A bgig shout-out to Forbidden Noise, Daily Dose of Gravity, Dream of Insomnia, SUBJECT 9 who are amazing musicians and people. And thanks to the Kulacs Underground and the ShowBarlang for having us! 😉

We will be back in Hungary on 24th and 25th of July for more party with you guys – be sure to check out the links below:

24.7 Győr | A Beton

25.7 Debrecen | Kosár

We are the scene!
Together We Are Strong!
David & ITC
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